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Mayum Kunsang Dechen

by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

This is what I know about my mother, and what has been told to me by the people who knew her. When she was young, she had a very loving heart and really cared about the welfare of others. She liked to help poor people and animals. This was one of her main qualities as a child. She especially cared about the Law of Karma and was very careful about even her small deeds. While still very young, 13 or 14 years old, she took teachings in Tibet from different teachers and started the ngondro preliminary practice. She continued to do ngondro even while staying in Sikkim and when she came to Nepal. If we count them all, she completed the 500,000 aspects of ngondro practice thirteen times. In addition to that, she engaged in many sadhanas and recited many mantras. In short, my father told me he never saw her waste a single day; she was always doing some kind of practice.

My mother was very lucky to take teachings from my father, Tulku Urgyen, and especially from His Holiness, the 16th Karmapa. From the Second Jamgon Kongtrul, named Palden Khyentse Oser, she received many different kinds of teachings, oral transmissions, and initiations and, in particular, mind teachings. At that time, she gained complete confidence in her practice and since then has had no doubts about her understanding of buddha nature, so her trust, devotion, and compassion was always increasing.  Read more....

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