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Ways of Wisdom

Waking up to where we are

Spring 2020

From our social institutions and spiritual traditions to the environment and the future itself, so much in our world is falling apart and dissolving. What can we learn from each other and the wisdom and practices of the feminine about how to be and what to do in these times?

Biweekly, March 11–May 20, 7:00–9:00 pm.

6363 Almon Street, Halifax, NS

Zoom option available. Click here to join

All welcome, RSVP appreciated

Bring a sweater. Contributions of treats or cash welcome at the door. 

Contact us with questions.


Arrive 15 minutes early so we can start on time. We will begin and end each meeting with a short meditation practice. The focus will be on our own experience, with "sparks" of input from short readings and video clips. Check back before each session for any pre-readings.

Dates and topics

March 11. Courage to know.

March 25. Radical acceptance.

April 8. How then shall we live?

April 22. Leaving the plantation.

May 6. Community, water, ritual.

May 20. What then shall we do?

March 11

Courage to know

We will bring our knowledge and uncertainties about the climate and ecosphere into a brave and gentle space that we will create together. The focus will be on how we're relating to what we know, rather than what may or may not happen. We will watch a video clip of Joanna Macy and share personal moments of waking up and our own ways of being with what we know. 


Pre-reading: "Despairing about the climate crisis? Read this." A conversation with scientist Susanne Moser about climate communication, the benefits of functional denial, and the varied flavors of hope.

Optional pre-reading: "Facing Extinction" by Catherine Ingram, a 15,000-word essay for those ready for a comprehensive and unflinching overview of "where we are."